What's different?

"Shaman" is a new way to measure the weather


"Shaman" is really small, blends with a terrain, has no moving parts. Also it has rich functionality and good price.


Our weather station uses unique method of precipitations detection. It can measure intensity of rain and snow in real-time with high sensitivity.


You can choose communication module from a variety of options: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM, 433MHz, RS485. Almost every real connection type can be implemented.

Real-time snow/rain map. Moscow, Russia

We have several prototypes working, our weather stations can send it's data to: narodmon, wunderground, PWS and other weather services

High density "Shaman" network can rise "NowCasting" quality to a new level. You can literally say "The rain will over in 3, 2, 1"

Another sketch like startup?

No, we have several working prototypes with >1year uptime and they are sending really good data. At this moment we are looking for investment.

Great! We will keep you informed!

Just tell us what you like.